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Getting on track

So my old faithful readers, I’ve been on a very long hiatus from blogging. I hope some of you are still out there!

Today is a slow start to a new commitment to start posting again. Life has been eventful in these past few months of silence. John and I are doing well and enjoying all the drama of having a teenager in the house. All four of our kids are thriving. The oldest, Kelsey, loves her life with her husband, cats and teaching career. Clint is now a 1st degree black belt and is a martial arts instructor. Thomas is living with us and loves his school and friends. His GPA is higher than mine ever was! He’s a brain! Lawson is doing great and excited to finally be an official teenager!

My business is going strong and I am inspired by my clients daily! In fact, I am considering expanding my business next year and have those plans in the works as we speak.

This year, is the first time in many years that I am already excited about the holidays. I’ve already begun my planning and shopping. I’m working on decor, recipes and I’m feeling like Martha Stewart. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that my life is going by so fast. Sometimes in fact, it feels so fast that I fail to see the things that I love so much right in front of me. During this fall season, I’ve set a goal to experience my life. I want to soak it in and savour it and see each wonderful moment.

I am changing the format of my blog a bit to share those moments. I hope my attempt to breathe in my life, will inspire others to do the same. In these past months, John and I have enjoyed watching high school football and are hoping for a Championship season for Thomas. We’ve also LOVED the arrival this year of our puppies, Dooley and Bella. I’ve taken up photography and am hoping to become reasonably proficient at using the amazing camera my husband got me. I will share photos when I post.

I am blessed. I love, adore and respect my husband more each day. Our life is filled with struggles and challenges but we have more blessings on any given day than trials! I am excited to travel this week with my daughter to New York and will share that in the coming days! Love to you all!