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There is perhaps nowhere in the Country where football is a bigger deal than in Texas. We love our Pro teams, we love our College teams and we especially love our High School teams. The spirit of those Friday night lights is something that movies are made of, songs are written about and from which life time memories are formed.

Our son Thomas is 17, a junior and a Varsity football player in a Private Christian School in Dallas. I thought our excitement had peaked when Thomas played in the new Cowboy Stadium this year, but we now know there are even higher achievements. His team is headed to the State Championship this week and I can tell you that there has perhaps never been a more exciting time in our house! Thomas is tired from all the hard work but he is driven like never before. The only person who might be more excited than Thomas is my husband John. The night before the game each week, John has everything laid out for Thomas, he has our cooler packed, stadium seats loaded, camera charged and the anticipation of game day makes it hard for him to sleep. These are days that Thomas will never forget, and neither will we. We gleam each time Thomas comes on the field. We have a camera that looks like we’re with the National media and hundreds of photos from the season that would leave one to think he were a Super Bowl contender. Game after game, I sit fire off shot after shot on my camera while John watches each play with precision that I don’t pretend to understand. (I am awed at how dad’s can see so many boys running in so many directions at the same time, yet they all high five each other and know exactly who’s boy did what after each play. It’s perplexing for women.)

Ok, so all bragging aside….. When was the last time you felt like a champion? When was the last time you inspired someone, or helped someone else reach a goal? Have you ever been someone’s hero? I’ve reflected on my husband and son and have been truly inspired by their “sync” and enthusiasm. Watching this team of boys has reminded me how in my own mundane moments of life, I fail those people I should be inspiring. It’s not that hard to inspire the people we live with but what about others around us? I believe we were put on this earth to be our best, and in doing so, inspire someone else see the possibilities they too have. It’s an amazing time of year to remember this lesson and I’m proud of Thomas for being our Champion and it is my hope that just a drop of my enthusiasm will be paid forward to motivate you.

My wish for you as we launch a season of giving is that you will become an inspiration. That you will lift someone else up who needs help or encouragement. Give something of yourself away. Not just things or money, but yourself. Be an inspiration! Be a Champion!

Good luck this week “T”. Dad and I love you tremendously and we’re SO proud of you!