Welcome to the new format of my blog! “The Other End of the Couch” is my new format and is going to be filled with my own perspectives, articles, thoughts and views from my side of a VERY busy coaching practice! I am blessed to have coached thousands of clients over the years and hundreds of clients each year. I coach couples, individuals, adolescents, professionals, other coaches and counselors, all from various walks of life, in various stages of life and in varying stages of growth! I’ve had the joy of experiencing life with countless people as they seek to enrich their experience and strive toward becoming their best with me as their “wing-coach” through the journey!

On this site, I will share my own experiences of pain, loss and growth. I will also share about some of the many amazing people who have inspired me along the way; some who know it and many who don’t. I hope you too will be inspired as I share some of my own ah-ha moments and time tested techniques that I’ve discovered as I’ve partnered with my clients over almost 20 years. I don’t think I am so special as to have self-titled site and I pray that this blog isn’t viewed as my perception of great self-importance. I do however, hope that my journey will in some way inspire someone to believe that all of our experiences, even the most difficult ones, are meaningful and filled with purpose as I open the chapters of my life and share…….from the other end of the couch!

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